Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 6

Today was a good day. Breakfast out this morning with a good friend, then we did a little shopping at Costco. It seemed that everyone was there today shopping as parking was at a premium. It's what people do on rainy, gloomy days....spend money.

My thoughts brought me back to yesterday's telephone interview as I seemed to pick up on cell phone and call home for messages more of fen that usual. I wait in anticipation to see if I will get a second interview for the job. I know that I am the person for the job, but it's challenging convincing others that I am the one and only best choice.

I also browsed in a magazine and found an interesting idea to display seashells. I have tons of seashells which Kelly-Anne and Kim brought me from their numerous trips away. This craft was about making shadow boxes and displaying the seashells from the ocean where they would of originated from. I looked at my collection and said to myself that I have no way of knowing which ones were from Kelly-Anne. I thought that I could create a collage of hers separately, but that is not going to happen. I will just use the shells appropriate in size and shape and create my shadowboxes.

I also read Rachel's blog. She and Kelly-Anne were best friends. Please take a moment and read her blog at

Rachel shares beautiful stories of their years together. In her latest post, Rachel writes about how she sees girls of Kelly-Anne's stature who also have the curly hair and has to do a double take as she thinks that it could be Kell. Well that has happened to me a few times....boy did my heart ever pound when I had these sightings. Can I please jump out of my dream and have Kelly-Anne come knocking on my front door one day?

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