Sunday, September 26, 2010

The 6th Anniversay- Day 1

It is early Sunday morning, the wee hours of stillness one might say. It is also one week prior to the fateful Sunday that changed our lives forever. For many of us effected by Kelly-Anne 's death we remember exactly where we were and what we were doing at this time 6 years ago. I thought this year I would try and document each day my feelings and thoughts and actions. This year in particular the dates and days all fall exactly as they were 6 years ago.I find that such an eerie feeling and wonder how I will get through the next few weeks. As usually I will have no choice but to do it one day at a time....well actually one minute at a time.

I'll start now with this morning. I will get some sleep, then wake up and do the usually Sunday morning routine. I will also take in a walk with a neighbour. I have some ideas on crafts and plan to get what I need to create some crafts in honor of Kelly-Anne and her trip to Italy. Once they are completed I will post the pictures. For that I am excited that I have come up with a couple great ideas to showcase some of the articles which she brought back with her from her trip.

This week I plan to keep busy.....swimming,hanging with friends, cooking meals that Jules will be delighted with, watch my favorite t.v. shows, housework, job hunting,crafts, seeing old HBC friends, and of course blogging.

I know that I am loved and supported by many and that gives me peace. Even though the devastating memories are as clear as yesterday,I am reassured by many that I am not alone and as my dear cousin reminded me in an email today...I will see Kelly-Anne again.

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